About HoneyCube

We add a little sprinkle of sweetness to your life by cooking fresh and fancy to make you smile!

'HoneyCube' as the name suggest, is named on the nectar which is the natural sweetener and can be consumed daily without any side effects. We are a cafeteria , offers natural and fresh cuisines to add natural sweetness in every bite just like honey cubes.

Yummy mouth waatering Delicious food

Recipes are everywhere, from any village, city or country waiting to be discovered, eager to share the scrumptiousness within them. Honey cube unveils that recipes to remind you the authentic taste with new luscious experience and joy. Whether it’s customizing your dessert or enjoying your signature flavour, honey cube allows you to find happiness in small thing.

Enjoyed everything, thank you! The chef was really friendly and fun to talk to. And of course the food is absolutely on point and very fresh. I have never ate a shrimp before but couldn't resist to try at in this restaurant.

Christina Foster, Mumbai