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308, Yash Arian, Near Swami Vivekanad Circle,
Opp. Subhash Chowk, Memnagar,
Ahmedabad - 380052

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Our Head Chef

Real food is what nourishes your body with delicious taste, but there's no denying in adding little creativity. No one understood it better than Dinesh Parmar, founder of Tawa Icecream and Honey Cube who is an engineer in electronics and post grad in digital marketing by qualification.

Greetings & Come on in!

Gujarati's are pioneer in converting normal chit chat into business plans overnight. He had no clue that he would one day be busy with the opening of his 30th outlet for his innovative fresh food chain 'HoneyCube'.
He says - "It has been a success of course but as a company we still have a long way to go and have many plans for the future. We all work hard to make 'Honey Cube' a success and I want to keep up this momentum and not get complacent."
During a short period of time he grew significantly because of his unique concept and hard work. Moreover, his huge appetite for risk have led him to phenomenal success in his business. Dinesh plans are ambitious and he shows no signs of easing up. He has further plans to strengthening his business in all over India.
He believes in one thing-
"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Dinesh Parmar

Head Chef

Always fresh ingredients


Recipes are everywhere, from any village, city or country waiting to be discovered, eager to share the scrumptiousness within them.

HoneyCube unveils that recipes to remind you the authentic taste with new luscious experience and joy. Whether it is customizing your dessert or enjoying your signature flavour, honey cube allows you to find happiness in small thing.

About our Culture

Our culture

Inspired by the thai stir-fried ice-cream we created an luscious yet affordable fresh 'Tawa Icecream'.

We hope to add little sweetness in your life using unique signature recipes that are fresh and organic without any artificial flavour or colour. Just roll it!

Our expansion

The world of ice-cream parlour and cafe have an synonymous relationship as they both feature elements of food and desserts. Based on this relationship, in 2017 a new unique chain of cafe was born, by modernising Indian authentic culinary art and translating it into delicious presentable recipes. This range, aptly entitled Honey Cube, has expanded into an extensive range of cuisines ranging from snacks to beverages with in excess of 30 cafes.

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